Menu and carte

The Restaurant Masia Fontscaldes of Valls, is a traditional Catalan farmhouse dating from the seventeenth century and since over twenty years ago is dedicated to delight its customers with traditional Catalan cuisine. It has recovered the old recipes of our grandmothers and usual cooking, and meanwhile it has introduced new dishes of the so called New Kitchen

In a very intimate family atmosphere, you can enjoy our authentic Catalan cuisine dishes such as Escudella of peasant, 'coca de recapte' with sausage or herring, herring with garlic, grandmother's cannelloni, pork cheeks, snails 'a la llauna', sweet and well cooked, grilled pork feet, real cod fritters with aubergine mousse, cod with ratatouille, Fricandó, and all kinds of grilled among many other dishes.

We have a 'tapas' menu and elaborate menus tailored for your events.

  • Dishes

    Here we present a small selection of dishes you will find in Masia Fontscaldes.

  • Cod au gratin

    Cod au gratin

  • White and Black beans

    White and Black beans

  • Canelonni


  • Snails 'a la llauna'

    Snails 'a la llauna'

  • Roasted snails

    Roasted snails

  • Cooked


  • Carpaccio of cod

    Carpaccio of cod

  • 'Chuletón'


  • Onion Coca with mushrooms

    Onion Coca with mushrooms

  • Onion 'coca' with sausage

    Onion 'coca' with sausage

  • Artisan quince jelly

    Artisan quince jelly

  • Spaghetti carbonara

    Spaghetti carbonara

  • Roasted lamb shoulder

    Roasted lamb shoulder

  • Habas


  • Barbecue


  • Prawns with sausage and snails

    Prawns with sausage and snails

  • Toasted bread with tomato and garlic

    Toasted bread with tomato and garlic

  • Sausage


  • Sausage with rusks and escalivada

    Sausage with rusks and escalivada

  • Macaroni Gratin

    Macaroni Gratin

  • Starry Eggs

    Starry Eggs

  • Bread Calçot

    Bread Calçot

  • Grilled Pork Feet

    Grilled Pork Feet

  • Caramelized apple

    Caramelized apple

  • Mushrooms


  • Mushrooms


  • Iberic secret

    Iberic secret

  • Onion soup

    Onion soup

  • Orange cut into slices

    Orange cut into slices

  • 'Xatonada'


  • Barbecue